About Thrive Circles

Thrive Circles are a group circle model for members to build community, engage in shared learning, and find allies to make a bigger impact in their own lives, and the wider world.

At their heart, Thrive Circles are about ‘thought leadership’ – about sharing insights and ideas and a unique point of view – that provoke new ways of thinking, spark discussion and debates, and inspire action.

The power of conversation is so invisible and natural that we usually overlook it. Since our earliest ancestors gathered in circles around the warmth of a fire, conversation has been a core process for discovering what we care about. It’s how we’ve shared our knowledge, imagined our futures and created communities.

These circles are one of the oldest, most widespread, and effective tools for creating personal and social change. As Margaret Meade famously wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Making lasting change requires strong relationships, awareness, and committed action, but so many coaches and leaders are isolated and do not have a support structure to aid them in creating the world they know is possible. What if we could empower one another with the information, skills, and capacities we need to unleash the creative action being called for in your life and in the world?

Thrive Circles offer a simple and clear way to make this happen. They can be both virtual, and in-person, and can take the form of special interest groups, mastermind groups, business development groups and more. Join today and participate in the Thrive Circles that are already established, or start your own.