About the Agents Of Change Alliance

Are You MMAD?

On a Mission to Make A Difference? Do you want more for yourself, for others and for our planet?If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place!

The Agents of Change Alliance is a Peer Support Network who’s aim is to support people who are working to make a difference in their own lives, their work, their communities, and the wider world. We want to enable you to truly THRIVE – to live, and lead, untamed and unafraid by helping you to:


Live Untamed and Unafraid

Live a life where you leap out of bed each morning excited about your day. One with true meaning and purpose in both your life and work – where you feel fully alive and free to be yourself.


Lead Untamed and Unafraid

Ignite your leadership and make a profound impact! Stretch and grow your leadership muscles to a whole new level and lead from a place of integrity and grace!


Make a Profound Difference

Receive a level of support that grows your impact exponentially – so that you take bold action, make a profound difference, and truly make your mark on the world!

There’s something magical that happens when people come together in an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment – where we’re invited to show up as the most fully expressed and authentic versions of ourselves.

The energy expands, we speak our truths and share experiences, elevating both ourselves and others – allowing us to direct this energy, with intention, towards manifesting our dreams.

Envisioning a Brighter Future

We live in a time of both great opportunity and great peril. We are at a tipping point… and the coming decade(s) are pivotal. We could either create a new and vital global order of planetary welfare or accelerate the destruction of our planet, and thereby also bring an end to humanity.

It is our belief that we can all choose to play a role in co-creating the next chapters of this story, and we are committed to helping those who make that choice to – step into their leadership and become part of creating a brighter future.

Our Mission

To build a community of powerful, wise leaders, and enable them to make an even more profound difference to their own lives, the lives of those around them, and the wider world.

Who We Are

The Agents of Change Alliance is a community, mastermind group, professional development organisation, peer support network – all rolled in to one. Our aim is to create a safe and trusted space for members and participants to really lean-in and be supported. So that they are able create the change they want to see in the world with greater ease, and make a bigger impact! Think of it as your extended team of advisers, challengers, supporters and allies to help you in your quest.

It’s a place where you get to connect with like-minded peers, get inspired, and supported. Have a sense of belonging and community. Deepen your learning. Find new collaborators and allies.

Ultimately we want it to be a place where you cherish spending time… one of the places you call ‘home’!

  • Make new connections, find allies and collaborators

  • Get encouragement, support and fresh ideas

  • Be part of a thriving, vibrant community

  • Stay on track and motivated

  • Get exponential learning and growth

  • Feel more connected and supported

  • Be part of a thriving, vibrant community

  • Get where you’re going (and further) – faster!

If this is something you are hungry for in your life, then join us today!


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