Alliance History

The Agents of Change Alliance is built on the foundations of two previous learning and development communities, build and run by Kyle Newman between 2004 and 2016. These were for graduates of both the Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership programmes. The alliance is the next evolution of that journey and Kyle is excited about the potential for this venture to have a profound impact in creating change in the world.

The European Co-Active Coaching Community


The European Co-Active Community [ECC] was founded in late 2003 by Kyle Newman and Antony Parry, with the support of CTI front of the room leaders Lori Shook, Andy Denne, and the late Jim Patterson. This lead to the first event being held in February 2004 in Central London. Following on from that a foundation group was established to develop and grow the community and numerous volunteers stepped forward to help make that happen.

Between 2004 and 2016 the community held 29 events that collectively had over 1,500 coaches attend. Including a 10th Anniversary celebration event and dinner in 2014. These events also inspired many other similar events in other European cities. This legacy was only possible thanks to the efforts of an extensive team of volunteer organisers and speakers (see the list of credits at the end of the video).

To celebrate and commemorate this legacy, Kyle created a video slideshow of photos taken at the events starting in 2004 right through til 2016.

The CALL (Co-Active Leaders Linked) – Europe

The CALL (Co-Active Leaders Linked) was already established when Kyle completed the Co-Active Leadership programme and April 2005 and it was a powerful experience for him to be greeted by fellow leadership graduates from the CALL on the last day of R4. As a result of this, and having already started something similar with the ECC, he felt compelled to bring the CALL activities, which at the time were offered solely in North America, to Europe!


The CALL ran many retreats in the North America over the course of its existence and he wanted those alumni based in Europe, who had taken the Co-Active Leadership programme in the USA, to have a more local community connection in Europe.So he worked with the CALL board to make that happen. Around the same time, the Co-Active Leadership programme itself was expanding and the first European programme began in Spain, with the first European tribe, the Swans, starting their journey near Sitges, in Spain.

So Kyle decided to organise the first European CALL retreat in Spain in 2006 to coincide with the Swans R4 graduation, so that not only was there a European graduates retreat, but also that the first European leadership tribe were greeted as they completed their programme and welcomed into the CALL.

In the USA, the CALL eventually disbanded at some time around 2008/2009, however Kyle made it his mission to try and keep the spirit alive in Europe. In 2012 a one day CALL event was held in London to begin community building again. It was a great day and the intention was set to run another European retreat later that year. However, despite the best intentions, without the R4 greetings there was no easy way to really get the word out to new programme graduates, so the difficult decision was taken to not go ahead with that retreat.

Here is another short video to commemorate the events that were held between 2005-2012, and honour those who gave their time to make them happen.

Kyle always had the intention of creating a new initiative to support leaders make a bigger impact in the world, and the Agents of Change Alliance is that new initiative. So please join in and let this community support you to make your mark on the world!