Invitation to Co-Active Leadership Alumni

Welcome to the Agents of Change Alliance!

Hello fellow Co-Active Leadership grad! I’m excited that you’re here to learn more the AOC Alliance, a new community to support leaders, and I’m thrilled to be able to finally unveil it after months of hard work pulling everything together!

In my experience, the biggest problem with the Co-Active Leadership programme, was that it ended! After a year of profound learning, being part of a deeply connected and supportive learning community (tribe), bang it’s all over!

For me, the biggest loss was the group of people who had my back, who I had built deep connection with. And whilst I have kept in touch with many of them, I have yearned for that feeling of being part of something ever since. Of having those deep connections, a group of people who have my rope, and call me forth to step into everything that I can be.

My R4 Project / Quest when I completed the leadership programme back in April 2005, was to bring the organisation that existed to support leadership grads at the time, The CALL (Co-Active Leaders Linked), to Europe. So we had the same level of post-leadership support here, that was available in North America. And I did that between 2006 and 2012, and I’ve always wanted to do more. I wrote more about that in my recent blog post: The Call Legacy.

This yearning has been a large part of the fuel for, and inspiration behind the design of the Agents of Change Alliance. To create a structure whereby your leadership journey continues and is fully supported. You get to become part of the big ‘tribe’, there are monthly calls, regular live events and retreats – so you can keep the learning alive, still have the support and connection with like-minded colleagues, and you get to chose how often you want to participate.

I want this be a community whereby leadership graduates are really supported to thrive, and lead untamed and unafraid!

That is my vision right now, and I’m sure it will grow and evolve as the community grows. My wish is for the alliance to be shaped by those who choose to become actively engaged members.

Unlike past community ventures I have led, the European Co-Active Community, and the CALL Europe, this one is not linked in an way to CTI, nor is it exclusively for Co-Active Alumni, however Co-Activity and the spirit of Co-Active Leadership will always be at it’s heart.

It’s aimed at people who are MMAD? On a Mission to Make A Difference. Are you one of them? It is a Peer Support Network who’s aim is to support people who are working to make a difference in the world. I want to enable you to truly live, and lead, untamed and unafraid by helping you to: Grow your Life, Grow your Leadership, and Grow your Impact!

Your Invitation

If you’re hungry for more connection, to be part of something that really supports you to show up in your life and your leadership, and make a bigger impact. Then I invite you to join our open Facebook Group and explore this website and the Agents of Change Alliance – as my wish is… that it is that for you!

To view the events that are currently open for booking go to:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and find out about what I’ve been building. I hope it engages you and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

A Final Request

In response to my previous recent posts on various Co-Active groups, a number of people replied to me saying that they too have tried to setup and run events for leadership graduates, but the biggest challenge they faced was getting the word out. There is no graduates directory, no way of contacting programme graduates, and that is why most ventures of this nature have historically struggled.

My belief is the only way for other leadership graduates to learn about this (and other ventures) is if we spread the word. A bit like a chain letter. You tell the people you’re connected to, they tell the people they’re connected to, and so on. After all, isn’t that how CTI’s coaching and leadership programmes largely get promoted… because we talk about them!

So that is my request, please talk about this. Even if it is for not for you, please spread the word as I’m sure there will be others you know that are hungry for this.

Kyle NewmanTHANK YOU! 

Live, and Lead, Untamed and Unafraid! Kyle

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