Make this Valentine’s Day an Act of Self-Love


My Invitation to You

This year I’m trying something different and making Valentine’s Day all about me! A date with myself. I’m taking time to reflect, to connect with myself, and what’s important to me. And to celebrate and treat myself!

My invitation to you, on this Valentine’s Day, is to do the same! To make a date with yourself and take some time to work on the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself. I invite you to fall in love with yourself today, and every day.

Buy yourself a present, cook yourself something nice, drink a glass of champagne and toast yourself… whatever appeals to you.

I’ve just written about it in greater detail on my blog – read the full article here: Fall in love with yourself this Valentine’s Day 

Take a Day to Focus on You

GiftThe upcoming Thrive Day on 14th Junel 2019 is a great opportunity to gift yourself some time to focus on YOU! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift – a whole day solely focused on you, your life, and your business!

Full info and registration details here:

Prioritise Self-Care

This is the topic for February’s Thrive Call – full info and registration details here:

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