Membership Information

Membership to the agents of Change Alliance will open in 2023. There will be a special Founder Member rate for the first 50 people to join.

In the meantime, the Thrive Days, Thrive Retreats, and Thrive Virtual Connect sessions are open to all.

Members will receive exclusive access to Thrive Circles, Priority booking on all Thrive Calls, Thrive Days, and Thrive Retreats, as well as a members discount on all live events.

Note: For the first 6 months after the launch of membership, places will be kept open for non-members to join in so that you have the opportunity to participate and see if the AOCA is for you. From then onwards, all thrive conversations and live events will open to members only. 

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Membership Benefits
Join and get access to these exclusive benefits

Thrive Circles

Members receive exclusive access to Thrive Circles to build community, engage in shared learning, and find allies to make a bigger impact in their own lives, and the wider world.


Priority Booking

Members receive priority booking to all Thrive Virtual Connect events and live events. Booking opens early to members and two thirds of the available places are reserved for members only.

Member Discounts

Members receive a member discount on all Thrive Days, and Thrive Retreats, as well as any other chargeable products or services launched in the future.

Member Directory

Members will have exclusive access to the members directory with detailed profiles, so that they can find allies, collaborators and get to know their fellow members.

Buddy Support

Members will have access to buddy partners to co-support each other in working towards their objectives and bringing out the best in each other.

Learning & Growth

Members will have access to an abundant level of support to help them grow in every aspect of their life & leadership.