Lead Untamed and Unafraid Programmes

We offer two 1-1 Lead Untamed and Unafraid programmes, to help you grow your leadership and your impact exponentially. These were developed and are delivered by, Agents of Change Alliance Founder, Kyle Newman.

Described by one client as a “Spine tinglingly awesome experience!”, this is deep work that really gets to the heart of who you are, what you want, accesses your full power, and makes huge shifts possible on multiple levels.

For those brave warriors among you that are truly ready to show up and be a real force in your life and leadership, read on…
(programme places are strictly limited, so don’t dilly dally!)

Lead Untamed and Unafraid Personal Retreat

Lead Untamed and UnafraidAre you ready to hit turbo-boost on your leadership and make a profound impact?

This personal leadership retreat will supercharge your leadership! You will reconnect with your deeper purpose and uncover a source of inner strength that will enable you to truly lead untamed and unafraid. You will stretch and grow your leadership muscles to a whole new level, leave the things that hold you back behind, and come home with your leadership on fire!


Lead Untamed and Unafraid – 12 Month Programme

Lead Untamed and UnafraidAre you ready to play bigger in your life and work, and supercharge your leadership?

This intensive 12 month coaching programme will grow your leadership effectiveness, and range, beyond measure. You will uncover a deep connection to self – to lead from a place of true authenticity and passion, as well as grow your leadership skills so that you become artful in your delivery. Get ready to access your full power and lead from a place of integrity and grace!