Retreat Leaders

Kyle Newman & Caroline Purkhardt

The French Alps Thrive Retreat is led by two highly talented and experience leaders and facilitators, Kyle Newman and Caroline Purkhardt. Both Kyle and Caroline have completed the Co-Active Coaching and Leadership programmes and excel at creating powerful learning experiences using the body, physical activity, and the natural environment. Together they create a powerful space for you to accelerate your learning and growth!

Kyle NewmanKyle Newman
CEO – The Beyond Limits Institute

For the past two decades, Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding how to help individuals and organisations thrive.  He has an innate gift for working with individuals and organisations to help them unleash their full power and find their path forward. He is quickly able to help them identify and set fire to the stuff that is holding them back, and excels at helping them breakthrough limits and boundaries and step into new territory. Kyle is an expert adventurer and guide and has a unique ability to see the way forward, even when others can’t. Not only pointing the way, but also walking alongside his clients as they make their journey. His message, to live and lead untamed and unafraid, urges us to be who we truly are and bring our unique gifts and talents to the world – boldly and courageously, and to triumph in spite of our fears and doubts. His work has changed thousands of lives around the globe.

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Caroline PurkhardtCaroline Purkhardt
Lauvitel Lodge

Dr. Caroline Purkhardt lives in the mountains of the French Alps and daily draws on her connection with nature to give her wisdom and guidance to successfully lead Lauvitel Lodge. Author of ‘Stillness in Action’, she believes that Body Wisdom and Spiritual Connection guide, inform, inspire and direct our actions in a way that is both true to ourselves and in coordination with those around us. They lend an integrity to our actions that goes beyond our rational minds and personal feelings. They are a key aspect of efficiency that is directed both to the detail of running the business and to the larger goal of creating businesses that are healthy, sustainable and successful.

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