Kyle Newman

Kyle has an innate gift for working with individuals and organisations to help them unleash their full power and find their path forward. He is quickly able to help them identify and set fire to the stuff that is holding them back, and excels at helping them breakthrough limits and boundaries and step into new territory. Kyle is an expert adventurer and guide and has a unique ability to see the way forward, even when others can’t. Not only pointing the way, but also walking alongside his clients as they make their journey.

His message, to live and lead untamed and unafraid, urges us to be who we truly are and bring our unique gifts and talents to the world – boldly and courageously, and to triumph in spite of our fears and doubts. His work has changed thousands of lives around the globe.

For the past two decades, Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding how to help individuals and organisations thrive. At the beginning of this journey he began as one of the early pioneers of the coaching and development industry. Completing his initial training and setting up Move Beyond when the industry was barely in its infancy. Some 20 years later, despite only being in his mid-forties, he is now a veteran in this field and has a vast breadth of experience in his personal and professional development arsenal which he brings to help his clients truly live, and lead, untamed and unafraid!

Kyle thrives on working with people, both in groups and on an individual basis, and does so with great enthusiasm and professionalism. He believes that we all have the potential to lead amazing lives and run inspired businesses, and loves working with people to create them!

A true leader and entrepreneur at heart. Known for taking the road less travelled, Kyle and has been a full-time business owner and entrepreneur since the age of 24 – some 20+ years. Having worked in the arena of performance development for almost 30 years, Kyle has become a leading expert in individual and organisational development. Initially in the world of sport and health and wellness, and over the past two decades expanding that into the arenas of life, business and organisations. As a result he is incredibly adept at helping individuals, leaders, organisations and teams supercharge their performance.

As the founder and CEO of Kyle Newman Inc and the Beyond Limits Institute, Kyle‘s diverse background enables him to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to his clients. His global training, extensive coaching experience and years of involvement in health and fitness industry are combined with his corporate background in management, accounting, and finance, to create a leading edge group of companies in the field of personal and organisational development.

Kyle’s Specialities: Executive & Business Coaching, Leadership & Team Development, Organisational Culture and Change, Experiential Learning, Motivational Speaking, Personal Coaching Retreats, Health & Wellness.