What Attendees Say – Thrive Retreats

Here’s what people have to say about our Thrive Retreats

Jude Jennison“I’ve just spent an amazing few days at Lauvitel Lodge in the French alps at the Lead Untamed and Unafraid Thrive Retreat. I busted limiting beliefs I didn’t know I had. Darn those limiting beliefs. They continue to pop up! And I’ll continue to overcome them. Some very challenging technical stuff including metal ladders, climbing over rock faces on my hands and toes, navigating screes and using metal ropes to pull myself up a rock face, all with with a 500m drop! Yikes!”

I’ve learned to deepen my ability to move powerfully through fear with courage and confidence. I’m grateful to have connected deeply with the most beautiful people whose support kept me going when I thought I might give up. And all of it with parallels to my business life. Oh yeah. Things are gonna change around here!!!”

Jude Jennison helps executives and senior leadership teams achieve their strategic imperatives through team alignment, combining  Leadership with Horses, team coaching, executive coaching and facilitation. Working with horses increases openness and transparency, enabling teams to get to align more quickly through greater awareness of default patterns of behaviour and honest conversation. Jude is a thought leader, international speaker, author and Horse Assisted Educator with a 16 year senior leadership career in IBM, where she led UK, European and global teams. www.judejennison.com