Retreat Sessions

Each day of the retreat will begin with an optional morning practice on the deck, with spectacular views of the mountains, followed by a sumptuous breakfast. On day 1 of the retreat the focus will be on Leading Untamed, and on Day 2 we’ll focus on Leading Unafraid, then we’ll integrate the learning from both days on days 3 & 4. In the mornings the sessions will use the lodge, it’s grounds, and the surrounding natural environment as our classroom, and then in the afternoon’s we’ll split into two groups and head further afield where you’ll have a choice of activity as the backdrop to your learning.


Lac du Chambon


The 6 main sessions are outlined below and you can view the full event timetable here.

EMBODY – The Untamed Leader Within 
Feel strong and unshakeable, so you can show up and shine

Leading untamed is about being fully, authentically, and unashamedly yourself, and bringing all of you to your leadership. It’s about showing up fully, unedited, and shining brightly for all the world to see. It’s about fully going after whatever you feel called to create/change as a leader – without apology. It’s full permission and full force.

This session will have you reconnect with and fully embody the Untamed Leader within you. You’ll explore what shuts you down, or diminishes your ability to show up fully, and how to recover and lead from a place that accesses the inner-strength that lies deep within. You’ll gain a deeper connection to your innate power so that you feel strong and unshakeable, and can show up and shine.  Ready to go out, play bigger, and really make an impact with your leadership.

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ASCEND – Take Your Leadership to New Heights 
Elevate your leadership capability and attain new heights

This session will explore both where your are heading in your life and work, and how you get there. Sometimes the path is smooth, and other times not. Sometimes we aim high, other times we don’t. During this experiential afternoon you will be invited to explore the extent to which you aim high, or play it safe, and expand your capability to play a bigger game.

We will head out into nature with two options for walking up into the majestic mountains in the vicinity of the lodge. As we journey through his breathtaking environment, you will tap into the immense power of just how far you’ve really come and gain new insights into the path that lies ahead.  You will expand your ability to be fully present with yourself, with others, and with your environment, whilst still being fully present with your goals and dreams. By integrating mind, body and spirit in the presence of the mountains we tap into the the process of ‘Being in Action’. You will find new ways to to tap into your leadership range and power, to raise your game, and aim higher.

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LIBERATE – Set Your Spirit Free 
Relight the fire under your passion and purpose, and let go of what holds you back

Leading Unafraid is not so much about being fearless, as it is about leading in spite of the fear, or through the fear. We all get stuck, knocked of course,  have doubts – sometimes to the point where we are paralysed. This is all part of life and leadership. The art is in finding ways to get back on track, to stay in the game when faced with tough odds, or unforeseen challenges.

This session will explore what gets in the way, and what gets us back on course. You’ll discover when to move through fear, and when to find ways around it, and equip yourself with tools and techniques to navigate even the toughest storms. You’ll reconnect with your spirit, passion and purpose and uncover its hidden power to overcome any obstacle. You’ll develop a rock-solid inner-knowing that you can overcome whatever life brings your way.

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FLOW – Lead with Ease and Grace 
Find your flow and move into effortless action

During this experiential session you will explore ways to find your flow. When we are in flow, things become easy. We are more effective, less stressed, and ultimately more compelling. Yet, when we step into action and are working hard to make a difference, we often get bogged down, overwhelmed, and can struggle to find that flow.

Once again we will head out into nature, with options for walking up to the beautiful Lac Lauvitel, past the stunning waterfalls and cascading stream; or along the banks of the Veneon river. As we journey we will learn from the best teacher in the world about flow… water. You will experience a range of ways to be more effective and discover how to adapt to find your flow, no matter the obstacle you may find in your path. Our goals is for you to understand how to move into effortless action and achieve more with less.

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IGNITE- Set Your World Ablaze 
Ignite the spark within, burn brightly, and set your world ablaze!

This is where the spark gets ignited!  During this session you will take everything you’ve learned and begin to channel it into a bright, bold vision for the future. As the session unfolds you will bring together the elements that will turn that spark into a flame that burns brightly..

You will connect with both the big picture and vision, and drill down into the detail and specific goals and actions using our SMART formula (it’s way better than the traditional version of SMART goals!). This will help you create both a vision and an action plan that keep you inspired, are sustainable, and truly set the stage for you to set your world ablaze!

You’ll explore how to sustain the fire for the long-term and what you need in order to stay fuelled. You will make a rock-solid commitment to both your mission and purpose, and the action you need to take to bring your bold vision into being – whilst gaining a deep sense of how to do this with ease and flow.

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EXPAND – Lead Untamed and Unafraid 
Expand into your full range, call forth a new source of strength and power from deep within, and show up on a whole new level!

This is where the rubber meets the road!  During this session you will integrate the learning from the retreat so that you can bring all of you to your life and business, and truly lead untamed and unafraid. We’ll explore what this looks like going home – how to make it real and tangible in the demanding lives we lead.

You will have a stronger frame of reference for where being meets action, so that you can sustain a high level or performance and leadership, day in and day out. You’ll have taken another giant step into being the ‘agent of change’ you seek to be – sot that you can make a bigger difference to yourself and others. By the time you leave the retreat you will feel stronger, more supported, more motivated and be more committed to playing a bigger game in your life and work.

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