IGNITE- Set Your World Ablaze

Presentation speakers

Ignite the spark within, burn brightly, and set your world ablaze!

This is where the spark gets ignited!  During this session you will take everything you’ve learned and begin to channel it into a bright, bold vision for the future. As the session unfolds you will bring together the elements that will turn that spark into a flame that burns brightly.

You will connect with both the big picture and vision, and drill down into the detail and specific goals and actions using our SMART formula (it’s way better than the traditional version of SMART goals!). This will help you create both a vision and an action plan that keep you inspired, are sustainable, and truly set the stage for you to set your world ablaze!

You’ll explore how to sustain the fire for the long-term and what you need in order to stay fuelled. You will make a rock-solid commitment to both your mission and purpose, and the action you need to take to bring your bold vision into being – whilst gaining a deep sense of how to do this with ease and flow.

You will: 

  • Deepen and expand your vision and connect with it in a way that truly ignites the spark inside and keeps you engaged!
  • Craft a detailed map and steps from where you are now towards your bold vision.
  • Understand what is needed to keep this vision and mission alive and keep it, and yourself, fuelled to keep the fire burning.