Thrive Virtual Connect

Thought Leadership Conversations to Help You Grow Your Life, Leadership, & Impact

These Thrive Virtual Connect sessions provide the opportunity to regularly engage in a leading edge collaborative and creative dialogue, to help you grow your life, your leadership and your impact.  Through guided discussions and interactive activities, facilitated one or more alliance members, you will have the opportunity to explore topics that will help you thrive as a Change Agent and make a bigger difference in the world.

Thrive Virtual Connect sessions are Thought Leadership conversations that provide an opportunity to explore relevant topics in a safe space, to voice what you feel and experience, brainstorm,  and tap into our collective power and creativity.  We when come together in a co-supportive environment we become able to open up new possibilities, powerfully co-create better futures, and to know that we have allies, that we are not in it alone.

Each conversation is a gathering of kindred spirits for collaborative and evocative exploration.  As well as the core subject to focus the conversation and the learning, there will also be the opportunity for questions and general support requests.

Upcoming Thrive Virtual Connect Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time.