Thrive Conversations Guide

What to expect and how to get the most out of each conversation.

Please watch the video and read the information below to help you understand how to get the most out of participating in a Thrive Conversation.

Preparing for the Conversation

  • If you haven’t done so already – join our Facebook Group
  • Immediately before the session – you don’t need to do much prep, though we request that you take 5 minutes before the conversation starts to ground yourself and get present. Be mindful of where you are today, right now, how you feel, where the various aspects of your life are at: self, family/friends, your work/business, your projects, tap into your sense of where the world is at. Be ready to share what you wish of this if you choose to.
  • Have a journal handy so that you can take notes.
  • When you speak, please share both your name, and where in the world you are right now. Eg: Hi, this is John Smith, and I’m in Rome, Italy.
  • The context for Thrive Conversations – Imagine yourself sitting in a large circle of Tribal Elders, of which you are one, participating Talking Stick in a pau-wau (a tribal meeting / celebration). This is the context in which these conversations are held. You will be invited to share your wisdom and contribute to the collective consciousness so that we each learn and gain insight from each other. When you speak, envisage that the tribal talking stick has been passed to you and share your words and thoughts from a place of deep connection to all that is.
  • Please be on time for the conversation.

Thrive Conversation Flow

Settling in – The first 3-5 minutes of the conversation will be taken to let everyone get settled in, to make sure their audio and video are working, to continue to get present, to fully arrive. Note that you will be automatically muted. Please unmute yourself when you wish to speak, and then re-mute yourself once you have finished sharing.

Conversation Agreements – The session facilitator will then ask everyone to confirm that they acknowledge and are happy to abide by the Thrive Conversation Agreements (detailed below). To do this you will be asked to ‘raise your hand’ in the zoom room, and then one all hands have been raised, you will be asked to lower your hand again.

Taking the Temperature – The first part of the conversation will briefly take the temperature of the circle. The intention is to ascertain ‘where are we now’ as a collective – for everyone to gain a sense of what is in the space/field, of where we are beginning from. This is not about hearing from every individual… and more about being curious as to ‘what’s here’.

The Core Conversation – we will then segue to into the main part of the conversation. This will ebb and flow. As noted above, you will be invited to share your wisdom and contribute to the collective consciousness so that we each learn and gain insight from each other. Come open, assume positive regard for and from others, show up – be real. We hold that all voices have value, even if they are hard for us to hear. We also hold that when you speak, you are speaking both a personal voice AND a voice of the system – of the greater whole.

Closing the Conversation – when we get close to time, the facilitator(s) will bring the conversation to a close. Know that it won’t feel finished. It may not feel smooth or clean. There will always be more to say. You will be invited to take note of your key insights in your journal, and to also note any actions you may wish to take as result of the conversation.

Completion – to complete the conversation, you will be invited to share a word or phrase that you wish to contribute to the collective space. This may be verbally, or via the chat, depending on numbers and time.

After the conversation – PLEASE SHARE! You know many people that we don’t who would be great additions to this community and these conversations, and who are as yet unaware of this initiative.

We are committed to impacting as many people as possible. To building a strong community of powerful, wise leaders, and supporting them to make an even more profound difference to their own lives, the lives of those around them, and the wider world. AND your support and sharing of our work is essential in helping us achieve that.

Who else do you know that would be a great addition to this community and these conversations? Please invite them to join the Facebook group and register to join the conversation!

Connecting After the Conversation – If there are people that you would like to connect with, please browse the Facebook Group members list and send them a private message.

Thrive Conversation Agreements

In order to ensure these conversations create a safe space for all who choose to participate, by joining these conversations you agree to the following:

  • Punctuality – You agree to arrive on time for the conversation – so that you are present for the confirmation that you are willing to sign up to these agreements and for any context setting that will form the basis and structure for the conversation/interaction. (please note that if you are not present for this part of the session, then you may not be admitted to the zoom room).
  • Confidentiality – Whilst you are welcome to share your experience and learning with others, you agree that anything you do share will be non-attributed – in other words you will keep confidential who said what.
  • Creative Space– Everybody is right, but only partially… each person/voice has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces have value and need to be honoured, cherished, and included.
  • Facilitation – The conversation will be facilitated to ensure that each person gets the most value from participating. By participating you agree to this – facilitation may include you being asked to bottom-line your contribution, being interrupted or asked to pause, redirecting the focus of the conversation etc…
  • Trust the Process– If you have not participated in one of these conversations before, then it may seem at times like there is little structure/focus. The conversations are designed intentionally to unfold in an organic way – trust that you will gain valuable learning and insight from the process by staying engaged and trusting the process.

Thank you again for participating and joining the conversation!